About Me

My name is Breanne and I am your (mostly) average 28-year-old female just trying to get by. I like to curse, drink and walk around with no pants on. I love the shit out of the people close to me and honestly, they’re pretty fond of me as well. My boyfriend Tom is my best friend. I drive him crazy ALL THE TIME, but he loves it. How boring would life be if your partner didn’t make you want to hang them outside every once in a while? That’s how I see it anyway.


I love being outdoors. Camping, hiking, kayaking, walking the beach, going out on the row boat, riding our tandem bicycle, drinking in the yard around a fire…I truly enjoy nature. There’s so much beauty to see!

Some other hobbies I have are eating and drinking. I could live off coffee, wine, and beer.  As far as I’m concerned the rest of my options are just not necessary. I also have an unusual love for hot dogs and I can’t explain it. The only thing I can tell you is if I ever was on death row and they asked me what I wanted for my last meal it would be a chili cheese dog. That’s not weird, right?

On a more serious note, I live with my boyfriend, his daughter (part-time) and our pets and I honestly couldn’t be happier. It’s teaching me to take a more positive outlook on life and love. This is something that I just know is making me grow as a person. We are making ourselves a home … together … And practicing for growing our family someday!”