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August 8, 2016 by breanneeck

Very recently I was reading a book (a very good book) and I noticed that I kept stopping to check my phone. No one was calling. No one was texting. My phone wasn’t making any noises. I just kept checking it. Why, you ask? I have no fucking idea. After every few pages I just kept logging into my Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest to see if there was anything new. When there was nothing new I would put my phone back down and continue on to read a couple more pages. After a few times doing this I got SO mad at myself and I started thinking about every day tasks and how often my phone is involved in them. Every chance I get I’m checking to see what’s new. I can no longer make it through a book, a movie, a night out at the bar, a few hours at work or a fucking conversation without seeing what everyone else is doing. And you know what the worst part is? Everyone else around me is doing the same thing! We live through social media now. Genuine, face to face conversations (uninterrupted!) are so rare.

When was the last time you took a car ride and didn’t pick up your phone once? When was the last time you made it through a movie at home with no cell phone interruptions? When was the last time you went somewhere and didn’t bring your phone? I can’t remember and I think it’s complete bullshit. I’m old enough to remember a time where we didn’t have the world in the palm of our hands. Granted we did have technology, but nothing like the shit we have now. We used the desktop only while we were home and had to wait FOREVER for our dial up. We had lives that didn’t involve a computer/phone screen. How do we get back to that? CAN we get back to that?

Do yourself a favor … Take a weekend, take a day, take any amount of time you want … Go for a ride. Take a day trip. Go site seeing. LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME. See the world through your EYES and not through your phone. Appreciate nature and appreciate your surroundings. Sit in a field and read a book. People watch. Talk to a stranger. Enjoy yourself!

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