“… for everything else, there’s wine…”

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August 9, 2016 by breanneeck

So, I recently just moved… My boyfriend Tom and I have been living together for a year now (with his friend) and finally decided to make the move into our very own place! I know what you’re thinking, we can FINALLY walk around the house naked! Score. We got so excited picking everything out, talking about how we are going  to decorate and what kind of garden we are going to have. There’s a shed in the yard so he’s beyond thrilled. He just can’t wait to get in there and set up all his tools. My handyman.

The one thing that never crossed my mind was how hard it was going to be. I’ll tell you, if anyone ever tells you moving is a piece of cake DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! It is quite possibly the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my life … And we’re renting! I can’t even imagine buying a house right now. There’s just not enough wine in the world.

Anyway, things were going so smoothly and everything was happening so quickly. We decided to fix the place up ourselves (ok he did most of it with help from his Uncle and friend). You know the painting and cleaning and what not. We knocked some money off our security deposit and we got to do it all the way WE wanted it! It was perfect. Our very first home together.
Well nothing ever works out the way you think it will. Next thing you know one problem is leading to another. The cable company is giving us a hard time, the electric company is giving us a hard time, we are racing the clock (ok, he is racing the clock) trying to get my storage cleaned out before I get charged for another month. Nothing is going right. There was one night we just said “fuck it all” and sat in the backyard drinking all night.

Fast forward about a week or two and Tom and I are sitting on the couch that we (ok, I) picked out … In our living room … With paint on the walls that we (ok, I) picked out … Looking at each other … Looking around. Everything just clicks at that moment. Fuck everything else. That can all be fixed. We were sitting right there in our home, surrounded by our things, ready for our next chapter.

We still aren’t done and there are still boxes everywhere! But you know what, it doesn’t matter. “I’m in no rush, it’ll all get done” is what he keeps telling me. And he’s right! It’s very easy to get lost in this mess that we call life but it’s so important to concentrate on the big picture. Focus on what matters. And remember… For everything else, there’s wine …

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