Gettin’ down and dirty

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August 13, 2016 by breanneeck

As you know I’ve been recently working with The Muddled Millenial. Here’s a sneak peak at the newest article! Click the link to check it out.

Now, for a little more adventure, I suggest taking a ride into Pennsylvania. This is my all time favorite weekend spot and probably my favorite place on the East Coast. Bushkill Falls offers 4 different hiking trails ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours and holds a total of 8 waterfalls. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and is honest money well spent. (Park admission for adults is $14.50) While the longest trail is only about 2 miles, it is a constant battle of up and down stairs and hills. (Last time my boyfriend and I went I needed a little pep talk to get me through the last of it! I then got Ice cream at the finish line and all was well in the world.) The experience you two will share here is like no other. Take the long trail, challenge each other, enjoy the view, stand in front of that waterfall…and then go play mini golf or rent a paddleboat … After you get your ice cream.


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