My 4 Month “Bucket List”


August 29, 2016 by breanneeck

I know when you think Bucket List you think sky diving or bungee jumping, but I’ve created a 4 month, realistic, attainable Bucket List of things I’ve been wanting to do or get done. Some are financial, some are organizational and some are just for me. I will be tracking my progress and posting updates along the way.

1) Completely unpack my house – I moved about a month ago and I still have totes and boxes in every room that need to be unpacked. Some of it is there because I’m just lazy and some of it is there because I don’t have the room. So …

2) Clean out my closet: sell/donate – I have WAY more clothes/shoes/handbags etc than I need. There are things that I found in my storage unit that I forgot I even had. It’s time to move on … My plan is to go through everything and downsize. I will try to sell first, then donate what is  left.

3) Learn to cook – My idea of cooking is making tacos or raviolis. You know, the stuff that doesn’t really require any skills. (Thank god for my boyfriend that fixes dinner every night) I would like to be able to actually put a meal together, and use ingredients. I don’t exactly like cooking but it’s something that I need to do.

4) Book challenge – I used to read a lot, and while I still love to I just don’t find the time to as much anymore. In January I started a “book challenge” for myself. The goal was to read 25 books for 2016. Well, we are 8 months in and I’m not even half way there. As of now I am 12/25 books read. My goal is to complete my challenge and read the remaining 13 books in the last 4 months of the year.

5) Lose 10 pounds – I’ve always struggled with my weight, and I’ve fluctuated back and forth for years now. I’ve gotten myself down to 112lbs and then back up to 150 in no time. I know I’ll never reach 112 again, but I would like to drop a few. 10lbs in 4 months should be a piece of cake!

6) Try Yoga – This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I’ve owned Yoga mats, bought plenty of books and DVDs over the years, researched classes… Pretty much done everything except actually doing it! I plan on trying it out and hopefully loving it. I hear it’s really life changing. 

7) Get a Brazilian Wax – Another thing I’ve wanted to do for years, just always chicken out. Now is my time, I’m booking one!

8) Hike in 10 different parks – I love being outside and I love seeing nature. I’m always inclined to go to the same few parks, now that the weather is cooling down and I won’t get heat stroke (because I’m a huge baby in 100 degree weather) it’s time to explore where I’ve never been.

9) Pay my credit cards down 50% – While my balances are not huge I can’t seem to just pay them off and leave them paid off. In the next 4 months I would like to at least pay off half my balance and not increase them any more.

10) Start and finish Christmas shopping early – I remember a time when I used to start Christmas shopping right after my birthday and finish by Thanksgiving. Amazing, right? Well the last few years I’ve been waiting for last minute and I don’t want to do that again. I feel that not enough thought goes into my gifts. This year, I will have my Christmas shopping done and wrapped well before Christmas!

So there it is … There’s my 4 month “Bucket List.” I’m really excited to finally GET. SHIT. DONE.

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One thought on “My 4 Month “Bucket List”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a perfect bucket list.

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