I Put Away The Tiny Dress And Broke Out The Yoga Pants

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March 28, 2017 by breanneeck

At 28 years old I can honestly say that the last 8 years have been a rollercoaster! Between the drinking and partying and the studying and “adulting” sometimes I can’t even remember the person that I was 5 years ago. It’s funny to think about though, isn’t it? Recently, a picture came up on my facebook memories of me dancing at the bar and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. While I do miss those wild and crazy nights, I am perfectly happy snuggled up on the couch with a good book at 9pm now. The more I think about the last 8 years the more I wonder how many people feel the way I feel. Let’s look back on our twenties, shall we?


Do you remember 10 pm at 21 years old? I know I was probably at my house or a friend’s house “pregaming” before we hit the bars.

Now, 10 pm for me is my couch, my furry children and Netflix. Oh yea, and me trying so hard to keep my eyes open so we can finish just one more episode! Netflix has become life and we’d rather be curled up with our significant other than fighting crowds and coming home 3 hours before you have to wake up for work.



Relationships? Back then we thought we had it all figured out! We just wanted our crush to like us! End of story!

Now we ask ourselves a lot of questions! How well can we pay bills together? Can we keep a clean house and a happy home? Can we still look at each other the same way after life’s stress gets us down? Can we picture having their baby? Can we see us 50 years from now with all grey hair and the same look in our eyes? We tend to waste less time on people that we know will not go anywhere the older we get. We start to realize what we want and what we are looking for.




All you needed were like 20 or 25 friends … at least.

Now, we can literally count our best friends on one hand! We grew up and realized that the saying “quality over quantity” is really about your circle and that circle gets smaller and smaller as you age. You know that the girlfriends you used to go out drinking with on Wednesday nights were your temporary friends and not lifers. You appreciate your forever friends and know that they are the real MVPs!




You used to look at your job and think “will this pay for my bar tab and my wardrobe?”

Now, it’s all about having a career. You want to be happy when you go to work. You want to know that this position you’re working your butt off at will eventually lead to bigger things. You need to know that the hours you are putting in are going to support your family. It’s no longer “just a job” and the thought of blowing your paycheck on alcohol and handbags is enough to make you cringe.




McDonald’s and Wawa were perfectly acceptable meals for breakfast lunch and dinner and Red Bull went with everything.

Now, you MAYBE treat yourself to fast food once a month. You cook at home every night for dinner. You drink water all day and haven’t had a Red Bull in … you can’t even remember. You start to go for the salad more often and reach for the veggie platter instead of the tortilla chips. You realize that it’s time to start taking care of the body that you live in.




Tiny dresses and Stiletto heels were all a girl needed.

FUCK THAT. More. Yoga. Pants. Now. I own more yoga pants than dresses, wear more messy buns than curls and I can now rub my eyes at work because my make up is not caked on. I would rather spend the 10 minutes I have in the morning drinking my coffee in complete silence than applying my make up. I sometimes wonder how I even dressed myself before yoga pants. I mean, what did I wear?




My twenties have truly been something special. I have grown so much and learned important life lessons. I know who I can depend on, I know what really matters and most importantly, I know what I want out of life. Now, if I could just get my butt in shape before I hit the big 3-0! (I blame stretchy pants!)


**Feature Image taken from It Is A Colorfull Life

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