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May 11, 2017 by breanneeck

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE reading. There’s nothing like picking up a good book and just getting lost in someone else’s life for a little while! I would like to share a few of my favorites with you. Enjoy!


Dirty Little Secrets

By: Liliana HartDirty Little Secrets

Coroner meets Detective. This book is the first book of a series of 5 about the town coroner, J J Graves. She inherits her family’s business and helps her best friend, Jack, solve murders. In these pages you will find the perfect amount of laughter, sex, violence and mystery. It’s so easy to get lost in the pages and it almost feels like you’re right along side these two. If you’re planning on picking up Book # 1 in the J J Graves Mystery Series don’t be surprised if you own all 5 by the end of it!

 In a Dark, Dark wood

By: Ruth Ware

In A Dark Dark Wood.htm“I am running.

I am running through moonlit woods, with branches ripping at my clothes and my feet catching in the snow-bowed bracken.

Brambles slash at my hands. My breath tears in my throat. It hurts. Everything hurts.”

This book is a page turner! If you love a good thrill, this is for you. Nora and Clare used to be best friends and after not speaking to each other for 10 years, Nora receives an email invite to Clare’s “hen” (bachelorette) party. Next thing you know … someone is dead! If you plan on picking this book up, make sure your schedule is clear for the next 352 pages!

A Stolen Life

By: Jaycee DugardA Stolen Life

It’s hard to recommend books like this because they are a lot to take. This is a story about an 11 year old girl that was taken and held captive for 18 years. She had 2 children without the help of a doctor or even nurse and had to spend most of her days in either a shed in the back yard or behind a locked door in the house. Jaycee did a fantastic job of giving her readers just enough detail so you are aware of what she went through during those years but not enough to make you have to put the book down because it’s just too hard to read. This woman really is an inspiration and is living proof that no matter what your circumstances are, things CAN turn around!

Along Came a Spider

Along Came A SpiderBy: James Patterson

Okay, okay … I know I am very late to this party! I have been wanting to read a James Patterson book for years and just never have. Well, let me tell you … I am SO happy I finally decided to! The short chapters make it very easy to pick up and put down whenever you feel like you need to escape for a few minutes. I don’t feel that it was a “page-turner” but it did keep you wondering. Alex Cross is a detective in DC and investigates a number of murders and kidnappings in this first book out of the TWENTY FOUR total books in Alex Cross series. I enjoyed it so much that I have already picked up book 2!


Behind Closed Doors

By: B.A. ParisBehind Closed Doors

Jack and Grace are the perfect couple! Perfect house, perfect marriage, perfect life. At least that’s what their friends think. They host elaborate dinner parties where Grace will cook wonderful meals and all of their friends can’t help but be jealous. Then, when everyone goes home and the doors close, Grace goes from being the lucky wife of an attorney known for helping battered women to living in a bedroom with bars on the windows. I can’t really say this book is suspenseful but that doesn’t stop the pages from turning! Your heart will race until the very last page, I promise!


There you have it … a little romance, a little drama, a little suspense and some non-fiction. I hope that if you decide to read one of these books or even series that you enjoy them as much as I have!



Book covers and quote taken from Goodreads.

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