Budget Friendly Family Fun!


June 12, 2017 by breanneeck

Summer is right around the corner … It’s time to stop hibernating!

The first few weeks of warm weather are the absolute best, but they normally come with a price. All the extra ice cream trips, mini golf games and outdoor dining can certainly put a dent in your wallet. Here’s how to enjoy the sunshine without going broke!
Parks – There is so much more to parks than just swings and slides, you just have to explore. Pack yourself some PB&J sandwiches, a few bottles of water and get moving. If you pick the right park you can hike the trails, follow the creeks, see some history or even milk a cow! Look up parks near your house, make a list and I guarantee you’ll have enough land to explore all summer … all for free!


Scavenger Hunts – So much fun and also … free! Scavenger hunts are so much fun and can take a while if you make the list long enough! Make a list, head into town, spread out and hunt! You can add things like pinecones, bird’s nests, a caterpillar, a specific flower, a store sign that’s missing a letter and so much more! Nowadays with everyone having a smart phone, each team can take pictures of the things they are unable to collect. When you get home the losing team has to make the sundaes!



Field Day – Do you remember having field day in school? Tug of war! Sack races! Water balloon toss! Why not make your own at home? Go to the dollar store, buy some water balloons, a hoola hoop, and some rope. If your family is not big enough have your kids invite some friends over and separate into teams. All day fun and won’t hurt the bank! Just make sure to pick up some ice pops, it can get hot in that sun all day running around like crazy people!




Outdoor artwork – There are so many things to paint for your yard that your entire family can join in. Head over to Michael’s and pick up some paint and brushes and get to decorating! Each member of the family can decorate their own flower pot or even make garden decorations out of rocks. Check out this awesome caterpillar … how cute would this looks crawling through your flowers?



Collecting shells or leaves – Unlike the scavenger hunt this concentrates on different versions of the same item. Go to the beach and collect shells or hit a trail and collect leaves. Everyone gets their own bag and once you get home compare your findings. See who found the biggest leaf or the prettiest shell. Once you’re done comparing try making some pretty artwork out of the leaves or some picture frames out of the sea shells to hang up in your bathroom. All you’ll need to buy is a frame and some glue!



Have a picnic – Pack a lunch, pick a field and set up your blanket! You can add some books or word finds to your picnic basket and just lounge out for the afternoon. Enjoy lunch together, maybe listen to the radio and just enjoy each other. There’s nothing more precious than time with the family … especially when it’s free! All this will cost you is some food from your pantry.



There are so many things to do that your family is sure to enjoy without breaking the bank. After all, the time spent together is really what we are after. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. This list is proof of that!



One thought on “Budget Friendly Family Fun!

  1. Debbie says:

    Some great ideas Bree.


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